The New Album - 'In Love With Trouble'

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"Best track is Nearly Died which has
 a great
guitar solo by Russ Payne"
 - Blues Matters magazine
Russ Payne and the Shark Dentists are a hard-gigging blues/rock power trio, but on record they are all that and more... Their original songs are born out of the blues tradition, but they also explore beyond the blues.

Just as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Joe Bonamassa and Stevie Ray Vaughan took the blues as a starting point and then exploded it into new areas, Russ and the Sharks like to push their playing to the limits - but without losing the feel of the music that originally inspired them.

'In Love With Trouble' album

“In Love With Trouble opens with some tasty
 slow blues guitar and meaningful bass,
 demonstrating this trio’s capabilities”
 - Blues Matters magazine

On their first all-original album, In Love With Trouble, every track has something different, from the Gary-Moore-meets-Peter-Green blues power of the title track, through the irresistible funk of Quit While You're Losing, the laid-back acoustic blues of Log Jam, the earthy rock 'n' roll basics of I Want Somebody New, the Derek and the Dominos/Allman Brothers touches of Someone Else, the remarkable dynamics of Dylan-esque ballad Nearly Died, the raucous rocking of I Ain't, the anthemic power of I Got You, and the raw downhome emotion of Home Again, through to the driving late-Beatles-ish choruses of We Can All Do Better.

If you love blues and you love rock and you love hearing musicians put their hearts and passions into their songwriting and performing, you will enjoy the many facets of Russ Payne and the Shark Dentists. And this album is just the beginning...

'In Love With Trouble' album

“Home Again... with some delightful harmonica
 playing by drummer Nigel Summerley”
 - Blues Matters magazine

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